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Currency traders who engage in manual forex trade need to spend a whole lot of time analyzing fundamental and technical data while also monitoring market conditions. This is something that is not only time consuming but also extremely difficult, especially for folks with little to no experience in forex trading. We offer a sophisticated MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisors; a completely automated currency trading system which is packed with state of the art forex trading technology. It is easy to operate and has been developed to return a stable monthly profit while simultaneously keeping risk at the lowest possible level. Our Expert Advisor is back-tested on real market information and forwards tested on real accounts. It has proven over the years that its mathematics trading algorithm is capable of generating high profit during different kinds of market conditions.

Quantina 4-in-1
Forex Trading Strategies EA 2020

Download our newly released EA which is combined the 4 most popular Quantina EAs in 1. The name represents the 4 best forex trading strategies and Expert Advisors by Quantina Intelligence Research Lab. in London, United Kingdom. We built-in these 4 EAs to become 1 and start a new generation of smart robots in this industry.

“They are working together and communicate with each other.”

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Quantina 4-in-1 Forex Trading Startegies EA 2020

Most Profitable Strategy

Quantina After News Spike
Forex Trader EA

Quantina Precision Forex News Spike Trader EA (Quantina PFNS EA). We call it “precision” because our Expert Advisor is working on the tick and timing method at the same time.

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Quantina Trend Detection System Forex Signal and EA for MT4
Quantina best forex ea in 1 robot

Lukas.M / Private Trader

Quantina News Trader is the best 5.1, Hard to undertsand how does it work but eventually it’s working like hell.

Andrea.B / Private Trader

Im trading with After News Trader EA since it’s released. I have never failed any month. Im trying to increase the trades more often.

Ben Walker / Fill Time Trader

Guys I am always buying all your newly released EAs or Indicator but I use News Tarder and After News Tarder with my team, so sorrry but I can not tell anything about the other EAs but Im buying that. In other hands your news traders are constant used in my team. Thank you for that.