Quantina Signal Performance and review


75% Fundamental – Economic Data News – AI support
10% London Open Session Strategy – Technical
10% A.T.D.A. own developed systems – Technical
05% Other – Technical / Limited (5) martingale
Average trading time: Very Short (5 minutes – 8 hours)

Using TakeProfit and StopLoss = YES
Securing Profit = BreakEven TS Method
Absolute Drawdown: up to 35%
Targeted Drawdown: Under 15%

We trade Major- and Crossing Currency Pairs

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Who we are

We are an integral component of the Quantina Intelligence Forex Research Lab, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Our team has been dedicatedly engaged in the development of cutting-edge and intelligent trading software tailored for Money Managers and Traders within the Financial Market since the inception of our operations in 2013.

Evolved from diverse professional backgrounds, we have coalesced into a collective of traders with specialized expertise and extensive experience in closely monitoring the forex market. Our team comprises Forex Strategy Builders, adept Market Analysts, accomplished PAMM and MAMM account managers, skilled Programmers, accomplished Mathematicians, and committed full-time traders. Leveraging this diverse skill set, we have synergized our efforts to collaborate on managing our accounts collectively while concurrently offering an exceptional forex signal service.

At the core of our mission is the commitment to provide sophisticated and effective solutions for the dynamic demands of the financial landscape. By combining our individual strengths, we strive to deliver optimal trading outcomes and insights for our clientele. As a cohesive unit within Quantina Intelligence Forex Research Lab, we stand united in our pursuit of excellence in forex trading and financial management.

What We Provide:

Diversify your investment portfolio with our comprehensive range of investment solutions. Choose from four distinct options tailored to meet your financial objectives:

1. Fixed and Guaranteed Corporate Bond (8% APR*):
Invest in stability with our corporate bond offering, ensuring a fixed and guaranteed annual return of 8%. There is no Minimum Investment Required, however the minimum 1 year run time is needed. The Maximum allowed one time payment is equivalent of GBP500.000.- For more information please contact us. 

2. Ultimate Trade Copier Service (20% Profit Charge Only):
Choose our Ultimate Trade Copier service, meticulously crafted with just a nominal 20% profit fee, offering a streamlined and budget-friendly solution for tactical trading. Utilizing our proprietary forex expert advisors, we ensure transparency by constantly updating results across various platforms. Additionally, you have the flexibility to pause, add funds, withdraw, or top up your account at your convenience, with exclusive access granted solely to you. We suggest a minimum investment of GBP5000 or its equivalent in other currencies, with no restrictions on the duration of your investment. During a trial period, you can link your account with as little as USD1000. Ready to sign up? 

Investment Comparison

Investment Option 1
Monthly FIX FEE: £0.-
Commission Fee: 0%
Registration Fee: £0.-
Profit: Monthly Calculation by fix Net 8%/APR*
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Available Investment Options for 2024

Trade Copier Service

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Risk and Reward: Using a multiplier amplifies the potential returns and risks for the copier. Higher multipliers can lead to increased profits if the trades are successful, but also higher losses if the trades move against the position.
According to the Financial Regulation CYSEC / FCA (UK) / FINMA EEA
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Investment Option 1


FIX 8% / year

Consider investing in Quantina Ltd by acquiring Corporate bonds, ensuring a fixed and guaranteed annual return of 8%. To comply with UK regulations, the invested amount must be deposited into our segregated account by the 21st of the month. Your investments will commence from the 1st day of the subsequent month. Should you wish to redeem or initiate a withdrawal, simply submit a request, and the funds will be transferred to your designated bank account within 15 calendar days. This seamless process aligns with our commitment to transparency and financial efficiency.

At Quantina Ltd, we prioritize transparency and aim to empower our investors with a seamless and secure investment experience. By choosing our Corporate bonds, you not only benefit from a fixed and attractive annual return but also participate in a process designed to prioritize your convenience and financial objectives. Invest with confidence in Quantina Ltd, where your financial success is our priority.

Guarantee: Yes. We possess a finite allocation for extending any debenture to you, necessitating that we maintain a minimum equivalent value in assets and company valuation. This prerequisite ensures a responsible and sustainable approach to our financial commitments. Please contact us for the available amount. 

Live Performance

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Quantina best forex ea in 1 robot

Investment Option 4:

Trade Copier System

Recommended between £5.000 – £250.000.-

Introducing the unparalleled and unbeatable choice for investors seeking the ultimate returns with zero fixed costs.

Experience the epitome of financial efficiency with a mere 20% charge on your actual profits (includes the left opened trades and closed trades), making this option an extraordinary opportunity. What sets this option apart is the absence of any charges for a VPS server or copier system—yes, you heard it right, a cost of £0. You won’t even need to manage a computer at home, thanks to the advanced signal and copier trading systems provided by trusted third-party service providers.

Example 1: 
You invest £25.000.- 
based on the real life history you made 6% profit on the first month
That means £1500.- profit minus signal fees 20% (£300) 
Your NET Profit will be £1200.- 
No additional fees no VPS no copier charge. 


Check our history by trusted third party companies

To embark on this remarkable investment journey, open an account with our recommended forex broker, ensuring to nominate us as your IB broker with code 10123. The process is straightforward: deposit into your newly created live account, and from there, seamlessly connect your trading account to ours using the social trading copier service. Please contact us at any stage for 1 to 1 help. 

For those without an existing account, fret not; we are at your service to assist in establishing one. Through shared screens and expert guidance, we will walk you through the process of connecting your account, ensuring a hassle-free start to your investment endeavors. This exceptional option truly stands out as a brilliant and unbeatable choice in the realm of investment opportunities.

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How does trade copier and signal work?

Upon subscribing to our system, it seamlessly synchronizes with your connected trading account, ensuring that each order is replicated in real-time. This grants you the ability to have full control over every individual trade on your account at any given moment.

How do I get started?
  1. Contact us
  2. or Start copying on MQL5

What is the fee for using your service?

There is a set monthly fee for our Signal trade copying service through MQL5. Alternatively, you have the option to select Option 3 or 4, which comes with no monthly fee. It’s important to note that we refrain from using markups on spreads or commissions.

Can I close trades which were automatically opened by your systems?

Yes, you can. By the way, we are controlling every trade and reaching our profit targets. Any trade can be controlled by you either manually. MetaTrader 4 Platform needed. Also If you change your password on MT4 account the trade copier service automatically stops. It is not applicable at Option 1 and Option 2 Investments.

Can I still trade my account if it is auto traded?

Yes. You can trade the account as you would normally.

Which broker do you support?

While we provide a list of recommended forex brokers for testing our systems, it’s worth noting that you can connect with us using almost any well-known forex broker account. Presently, our system operates on IC Markets Server X via the MT4 Platform. We recommend opting for ECN/STP-type brokers with a segregated account for enhanced safety measures. If you require assistance with this process, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. We do not charge you with a leaving fee or any other hidden “after charge”. You can disconnect your account at any time automatically. We would appreciate if you can send us a short feedback with ideas about how can we improve our service.

Do I need VPS to receive your trades?

Only at Investment Option 3:
Most clients run the MT4 platform on their home or office connection with excellent results. If you would like to use VPS (Virtual Private Server) we will help you to set up and connect your account on VPS after you have registered. MQL5 also offers a basic but working very well type of VPS service.

Can I try with my demo account first

Yes, you can connect any of your account (live/demo). However, with 1 running subscription you are allowed to receive signals for 1 MetaTrader 4 account simultaneously. Please note that, a demo account often misrepresents trading results and therefore it is always better to test with a live trading account

Can I copy your trades with higher Lot size?

Exclusively in Investment Option 4:
Certainly, modifications to your trading lot size or risk ratio are permissible. However, it’s crucial to recognize that adjusting these parameters poses a risk to your drawdown target. An increase in your trading lot size may yield higher profits for each trade, but it also exposes you to the potential of greater losses.

Why are our service fees below the average market price?

Our fees reflect our unwavering confidence in the exceptional quality of our proprietary applications, expert advisors, and indicators developed by Quantina Intelligence. Our developments stand at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards.

Additionally, our business model is founded on the success of trades, wherein we earn a modest commission from your broker following each positive trade – a commission that does not impact your profits. Importantly, no commissions are received after negative trades. This unique structure ensures our strong motivation to consistently execute profitable trades on your behalf, aligning our success with yours.

The overall use of your forex trade copier service is very VERY useful. I was trying with robots and indicators alone but now I get some confident. I have started with $500 just for try and after ruffly 3 months later my balance showed $722 so I have just deposited $3000 more. Now my balance is over than $5000 so I’m planning to upgrade for Pro package.

Mark Jance / Facebook

Thank you for your help and effort to help me with installation. I am not an IT guy and say a very big thank you for Bela and Adam at support. I am very new in Forex I can not tell you much. According profits: MT4 account history says Profit/Loss: $2058.38 Deposit $7400.00. I’ll keep you post. Regards…

Stanley Gregory / Facebook

Absolutely GENIUS system. I can multiply the trading lot size, set the risk percentage. My profit? 3%-7% with my extremely low risk settings: 2%. Next month I’m willing to increase it sure. I preferring the “every month positive” closings and “there is no negative trades left on the weekend”. Also, I like the Monday morning positive starts. Makes me happy to start the week. :))…

Andzrej Laczak / Royal Mail

Let Your Money Work for You: An Introduction to Passive Income

In a world where financial independence is a cherished goal, the concept of letting your money work for you has gained significant traction. Whether you’re dreaming of early retirement, securing your financial future, or simply aiming to grow your wealth, passive income avenues offer promising opportunities. Here’s a closer look at how you can make your money work for you, even with a modest initial investment.

1. Accessible to All: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a hefty sum to start building passive income streams. Our system allows you to get started with as little as $500. This accessibility opens the doors to financial growth for individuals from diverse economic backgrounds.

2. Flexibility: Life is unpredictable, and financial commitments can fluctuate. With our system, you have the freedom to top up or withdraw funds at your convenience, any time, any day. This level of flexibility ensures that your financial strategy adapts to your evolving needs and circumstances.

3. Security and Control: Your financial security is paramount. With our system, you remain the sole custodian of your funds. You retain full control and access to your money at all times, providing peace of mind and reassurance.

4. Automated Trading: We employ a sophisticated trading system that operates seamlessly with your account. Through automated processes, trades executed in our account are mirrored in yours. This hands-off approach eliminates the need for constant monitoring while ensuring your investments align with our proven strategies.

5. Potential for Growth: At this stage, our system offers the potential to earn 5% per month, translating to an impressive 60% annually. Furthermore, by reinvesting your earnings, you could potentially double your initial investment in just one year, reaching nearly 100% annual returns.

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In conclusion, the concept of letting your money work for you isn’t reserved for the wealthy elite. With our accessible system, individuals from all walks of life can embark on the journey towards financial freedom. Whether you’re aiming for modest gains or striving for substantial growth, passive income opportunities pave the way for a brighter financial future. Take the first step today and witness the transformative power of letting your money work for you.